How does a Lawyer Finder Work?

Advantage Denton lawyer finders perform a fresh search to find the right lawyer for each client. 

We do not accept money from lawyers to send them clients.  Advantage Denton will search for your right lawyer based only on what you want your lawyer to be like and which lawyer fits your needs. 

 A standard lawyer search from us plus the first thirty minutes of lawyer interview costs $99. Usually this is less than the interview cost alone if you did the work to find the lawyer yourself.

Have Us Find the Right Lawyer for You

* Calling lawyers and judges is a normal part of searching for One Lawyer.

Ways to find your own lawyer:

While lawyer referral services, telephone directories and the Internet provide useful services, they do not perform a search for the right lawyer for the individual client. They usually give you the name of the lawyer or the set of lawyers on a list of attorneys who paid money to be on that particular list. Usually, lawyers who pay more to be on the list are easier to find. Sometimes, the lawyer who pays the most money for advertising is not the best lawyer for you. Knowing where to look for information and how to sort it all out is too complex to explain here or anywhere - being a professional lawyer finder is the way to find the right lawyer.

Bar association lawyer referral services are geographically limited and list only lawyers who pay to be listed. They give clients the next name off a list of attorneys. Lawyer referral service rules prevent them from considering your wishes about the characteristics of the lawyer beyond geography and practice area.

Asking other people about good lawyers can sometimes help you find one. Do consider the source because not everyone is expert at evaluating attorney performance. Also be very aware that the right lawyer for someone else may not be the right lawyer for you if your circumstance or your case is different. Asking lawyer offices for referrals to other lawyers can also lead to checkered results because lawyers and their staff are not trained lawyer finders, don't get paid to find your lawyer, and don't like the liability risk of giving lawyer referrals when it is not what they do best. Unless they personally believe a particular lawyer is best for you, lawyers and their staff will usually send you to Advantage Denton, to a bar association lawyer referral service, or to the phone book and Internet to find your own lawyer.

While useful for people who choose to find their own lawyer, these services are not the same as lawyer finding services performed by Advantage Denton. If you want to see if a lawyer referral service covers your area, the American Bar Association provides a list of lawyer referral services.

When you find your own lawyer or just take the next lawyer off some list, you will pay the lawyer referral fee or pay the lawyer whatever they charge for their time. Advantage Denton is a bargain - $99 to find the right lawyer for you and get the 30 minute interview with the right lawyer.

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