How to be a Client

What to bring to your first interview

  1. When Advantage Denton found the right lawyer for you, bring the email (or letter) we sent to you with appointment details and a map to the lawyer's office. 
  2. When Advantage Denton finds the right lawyer for you, the first 30 minutes of the interview is free.  If you wish to continue the appointment for longer or hire the attorney at that time, you may need to be able to pay for additional services.
  3. If you made the lawyer appointment yourself, you will need to be ready to pay whatever the lawyer may charge for the interview.
  4. Before the appointment, write and bring your list - what questions do you want to be sure to remember to ask the attorney?  The lawyer will usually listen for a while, ask you questions, and give you information during the interview. The interview won't always follow your list, but the list helps you not miss anything important to you.
  5. People who are helping you may sometimes sit in during the interview or they might wait in the lobby for you.  (If another person is present, attorney client privilege does not apply.)
  6. Paperwork is really important to bring if a case is already underway or if documents/letters/contracts/wills/etc. are the subject you are seeing the lawyer about.  It usually does not break your arm to haul in a few extra pieces of paper.  If in doubt, ask in advance what papers you should bring.  Have all paperwork organized as described on this page. An extra copy of court documents for the lawyer is a very good idea.
  7. Information is good to have - what happened?  who is involved?  has anything been done about it yet?  Try to have the information already at your fingertips or clear in your mind so that you can make the best use of the time with the lawyer.
  8. Bring pictures if you have them and they will clearly help you explain things to your lawyer.
  9. Small objects/evidence relevant to issues might be OK to bring, but big evidence usually can wait a while.  Ask the lawyer or their staff if you are unsure beforehand.

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