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October 25, 2008

Finding Answers in an Emergency

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An economy which appears to be sliding through recession toward depression sure feels like an emergency. Those of us who thought we were so wise to invest for our retirements feel a bit panicky now and those who have no such investments don’t feel any better, though there might be a bit of “now you know how I feel” smugness.

Just as the movies with Charlie Chaplin and baseball with Babe Ruth actually thrived during depression times, I believe that the services provided by Advantage Denton will thrive during these times. For one thing, people need great value more than ever at this time and Advantage Denton provides a great service at a net savings to the client who needs legal advice from the right lawyer. Another factor in our success is that tough times create more, not less, need for wise legal counsel to steer folks through troubles. Certain types of law, such as bankruptcy and divorce, actually increase in volume when a tough economy makes troubles that were livable before truly intolerable. Folks need legal help more than ever now.

Though Advantage Denton does not entertain you by distracting you from the problems you face, we do help lessen the burden. Having us connect you with the right lawyer for your needs will get you on the path to that nearest exit from dangerous problems, even if the exit is behind you and not immediately visible. Without the advice of the lawyer, you may wander around in panic about your legal problems.

The stress of figuring out which lawyer is right for you is gone when you use Advantage Denton to find and evaluate lawyers for you. Focusing on the issues which cause you to need the lawyer’s advice in the first place is where you should use your energy. We reduce your stress by finding the right lawyer for you. The right lawyer helps to reduce your stress by giving you the advice and further assistance so you can make it safely through troubles and so you can make the best decisions when evaluating and pursuing opportunities. Advice from that right lawyer is the “stitch in time that saves nine” — a great investment when you don’t have time or money to waste.  Have us find the right lawyer for you.

October 18, 2008

Exciting Times We Live In

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In A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens begins with: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” and then goes on to point out that one time has much in common with another. As a people, we feel that some times are more exciting than others and that some times are harder than others. Studying history can give calming perspective.

As Warren Buffett said today (in different words) following a herd does not always take you in the greatest direction. You may end up stepping on more cow pies than you like. If you have a decision to make, it is a lot better to think it through and discount the prejudice that often dictates to the majority (and to our unconscious minds) so we can get better results from our actions and choices.

Getting legal advice can be a way to cut through a lot of the prejudices and wrong assumptions that govern so many decisions people make. It does not have to cost a lot to spend a bit of time getting wise advice from a neutral honest smart outsider who is obligated to tell you the truth and keep your secrets. That’s a lawyer. Getting that advice at the right time can so often save you from making blunders that cost you dreadfully in the long run. You don’t have to pay huge amounts of money to hire a lawyer to take over responsibility for dealing with your issues. You can just pay a lawyer for the time and advice you need as you go along.

Finding a lawyer is a hard job if you don’t do it all of the time. If you want to take the ferry across the river to get safely to the other side, you don’t teach yourself how to operate a ferry and then operate the machinery yourself. You pay a little money to have the ferry operator do the job. To get the right lawyer so you can safely make decisions, have Advantage Denton lawyer finders be your ferry operators. We work very hard at being good at this special task so you can focus on the issues that bring you to need a lawyer’s help in the first place. The advice you get during the free half hour interview from the lawyer more than pays you back for the ferry operator (lawyer finder) fee.

With a very messed up economy (which has directly hurt people I know), with a presidential election in high gear and lots of fear of the unknown, with changes in technology, food prices, oil prices and who knows what – we seem to be in rather exciting times. How exciting our time is, when compared with all other times, is really debatable. We can’t take the good things we have for granted, but we should not exaggerate our fears so that we do dumb things. A bit of perspective can be calming. Help from the right lawyer, when you need it, can be calming.

Call to have us find the right lawyer for you (toll free) 877-LAW-CALM.

October 11, 2008

Clear Thinking in Crisis Time

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Everyone who is stressed by our current financial crisis in the world could use reassurance. It is difficult to think clearly when you are dreadfully worried or stressed. This is the time when you need someone who really knows what they are doing to give some guidance about what we should do next. In the larger financial crisis, we hire the folks who are in public office by electing them in advance to tend to such matters. We have little choice but to trust that the people who are our elected leaders will get and follow the advice needed so that wise decisions can be made and fears can be calmed.

Our personal lives work just about the same way. Often, the times when you need a lawyer’s advice are very stressful times and having advice, action and guidance from an expert lawyer is the way to save the day. We don’t elect lawyers (except some judges). We most always select and hire the lawyer right at the time the crisis is already in motion. One problem is that the very act of deciding which lawyer to seek advice from is a whole additional stressor that can freeze you into immobility. When you can’t decide which lawyer to seek advice from, the problem you needed advice about often gets worse.

These problems are solved by Advantage Denton when you have us find the right lawyer for you. We are the only company devoted to serving your needs and wants and performing a search out of all available lawyers to get the right lawyer for you. Other sources may give you information about many lawyers or about only one or a few lawyers, but they do not have expert lawyer finders learning from you what you need and want and investigating to find the right lawyer for you.

I hope that the wise people who are available to our US leaders and to world leaders will give great advice and that concerted action can solve the awful mess that a bunch of irresponsible and selfish behavior has landed us all in. I hope that you will call on Advantage Denton to find the right lawyer for you when you have a tough situation to deal with or a great opportunity you need advice about.

October 2, 2008

It is how you think about it.

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Most people’s lives are at least as full as they want to make them. Some of us fill up our lives with stuff from outside, following the news or the gossip intently and rising or falling with how we react to information.  Some of us wrap ourselves up in the lives of other folks in our immediate circle, family co-workers and friends. Some people have such a rich inner life that they don’t have that much use for other folks or their dramas. Some balance of these fillers is the norm for most of us.

When 9/11/01 came, we almost all were absorbed into a larger, caring group who were pretty consumed by what had happened to innocent people and heroic people. We were shocked by how awful other humans could be, to do such a thing. Now, many of us are more than usually concerned about what is happening in our larger world because a financial crisis can and does effect most all of us directly. Americans also have decisions to make in November about which political candidates will be entrusted with leading the United States. Big events and big decisions.

Just as every vote counts, every action counts. In our lives, when something that seems bad happens or an opportunity presents itself, we have choices about how to deal with it. Those choices, like votes for president, have a significant effect on us and on other people. There are many ways to approach decision points. Doing nothing is a choice that will lead to consequences. Just acting on impulse or based on prejudice without careful thought is a choice that has consequences. Taking time and energy to find the best answer and then act on it is often the best choice and results in the best consequences.

The kinds of issues that involve you in our legal system are usually issues that cloud your mind. It does not “clear the thinking processes right up” to be embroiled in a controversy, to get sued, to consider suing, to get arrested or even to have a great opportunity. While it is smart to educate yourself about the issue, it is foolish not to seek a lawyer’s advice about something so complex and something which doubtless interferes with your clear thinking. 

Since you already should educate yourself about the legal issue, do you want to also take on the task of finding the right lawyer for yourself? The skills and knowledge to be a good lawyer finder are different from the knowledge needed to deal with the problem or opportunity in your life that made you need the lawyer’s help. Once you have the appointment with the lawyer, you are set to make progress on the problem or opportunity that brought you to need the lawyer. Advantage Denton helps you with that crucial step of finding the right lawyer. That step is often a stumbling block, keeping you from taking charge and making wise decisions with lawyer advice. Have us find the right lawyer for you so you can get on with taking care of your life and your responsibility to make decisions.

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