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November 28, 2008


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Yesterday was Thanksgiving and it was a wonderful opportunity to eat the most delicious food and contemplate the reasons we have to be grateful, most particularly for family.  Such occasions always remind me of the folks who find this season particularly hard because they find it a painful reminder of family they no longer have or, perhaps even worse, family they truly wish they did not have.  Several movies have played off of this heightened expectation and stressed letdown, finding humor in a most difficult time.  While I am willing to laugh at myself and the foibles of human nature, it is important to me to recognize and acknowledge the pain of others when I am so blessed in my own life.

If you are facing the potential of litigation or the stress of a major change or economic opportunity at a time of year like this, you can find yourself frozen by your own and other people’s expectations.  Taking steps to deal with the situation, like engaging the services of a professional lawyer finder, can give you a lot of relief.  While we all are tempted to sweep any difficult issues under the rug during  the holiday season, problems do not go away or get better from being ignored.  Failing to get legal help to help with a major transaction or opportunity can be a big mistake, too.  Being penny wise and pound foolish (saving pennies while throwing away big money) just because we hear relentless press about economic crisis is a huge mistake.  Now is the time to batten the hatches, get your ducks in a row and know your legal and practical options as only a lawyer can advise you on.

While it can be fun to mix metaphors, I hope that my very serious message comes through.  In the midst of counting blessings, it is strongly on my mind that we should have compassion for those who are struggling.  I hope that folks who need a lawyer’s services will make the wise choice to have our professional lawyer finders connect them to the advice that can take a big burden off of their shoulders.  In this season of giving and expecting, I hope we all can remember that we should spare some extra compassion for those who don’t have the blessings we enjoy.

November 23, 2008

Going Through Crisis Together

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It is in difficult times that you find out what you are made of and what your relationships are made of.  Some of us are better in crisis than others.  This does not mean that the people who freak out in crisis are bad, they just are not the ones you want to follow.  We had a mini crisis in Advantage Denton (can you believe that technology let us down – temporarily) recently and the fiber of the incredibly great lawyer finders showed through in shining colors.  All of these people are the kind of folk you could follow through fire.  When the chips are down, even in a way that personally effects them, the lawyer finders are incredibly resourceful and courageous.  They are creative, courteous and brilliant.  Just the kind of person you want helping you to find the right lawyer when your life is in crisis because you need a lawyer’s advice.

We have some rather serious crises going on in the whole world economically.  You might think that this means folks will hunker down and not seek the advice of a lawyer.  The opposite is true.  Some areas of law see a decrease in activity, but several other areas are flooded with more business.  Since Advantage Denton lawyer finders help folks with every area of law and in every geographic area of the United States and world, we do not see a downturn in the need for our services.

The economy is so volatile right now, it is very reassuring to have the wonderful lawyer finders from Advantage Denton waiting to help when you need to be connected with the right lawyer.  We look forward to helping you.  Seeing lawyer finders in action when their own work was in some peril has given me the experience to tell you that you will be in good hands when you have us find the right lawyer for you.

November 18, 2008

Why Use a Lawyer Finder?

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The vast majority of folks in and out of the legal field who have heard about Advantage Denton are enthusiastic from the first moment.  “What a great idea!” is the most common comment.

Then we have those few squeaky wheels who say grouchy things like “what is it good for?” or “why isn’t it free?”  Those who advise that the tail should not wag the dog are absolutely right and a few folks who disagree are not more important than the many people who are helped by using lawyer finder services.  But tails of dogs (to carry the analogy a bit far) do sometimes help indicate a mood.

Some people think that every first interview with a lawyer (and perhaps all lawyer services) should always be free. It would be nice if everything we need in life were free.  Anyone who gives you “free” information or a really cheap referral is getting paid substantial fees from lawyer advertising.  They cost you because the lawyer passes on those costs to you.  A lot of information is available for free on the Internet.  It is how you use the information that is valuable.  Lawyers work very hard to gain the skills needed to provide legal advice and navigate the courts and other complex byways that they are experts on.  Getting that legal advice is valuable.  Having a lawyer finder evaluate information for you and set your appointment with the right lawyer is valuable.  We can be relied upon to know how to access and evaluate the information available about the lawyers who might be right for your needs.

We put together what your needs are, what your wants are, what we know about finding and evaluating lawyers and then we contact the lawyer and make an appointment for you.  All of this, including the thirty minutes of legal advice from the right lawyer, costs $99 for most cases (tougher finds cost $199).  Your time and frustration are not free.  The risk you run of getting the wrong lawyer is not free.

Can you find information about lawyers on the Internet, in the phone book or from your bowling buddies?  Sure you can.  Can you rely on that information to set an appointment for you with the lawyer who is right for you?  No you can’t.  Without Advantage Denton, it is the luck of the draw from a stacked deck to find a lawyer who is right for your needs.  Many times, people end up spending a lot of time and frustration trying to figure out which lawyer is right or they just take the first lawyer they stumble across.  Many times, folks end up with the wrong lawyer or waste a lot of time and money talking with the wrong lawyers.

For certain areas of law, it is usual and customary for the lawyer to give a first interview for free.  This is because the lawyer may take the case on a contingency fee basis and expects a big pay off in the end.  This lawyer is risking that they will get paid nothing and when they do get paid, they get a lot of money because someone owes you a lot of money and the lawyer gets a big chunk of it.  Another type of law where client sometimes get a free first interview is where they will be paying a large sum of money up front to cover the entire cost of the case.  Again, a lot of money is involved.  When you have more of your money at stake and the issues are even bigger in your life is the time when you most want to have an impartial expert from Advantage Denton helping you make sure to get to the right lawyer.  Although you may not pay less for that first interview, you are smart to get assistance from our lawyer finders.  The cost of using the lawyer finder also can be reimbursed to you from the award you get at the end of the case in contingency fee cases.

A few folks have said that what Advantage Denton lawyer finders do sounds too good to be true.  It does sound good, but it is true and it is completely out in the open and honest.  You pay us for a legitimate valuable service.  We are able to keep our overhead low, due to using technology and the massive amount of information on lawyers that we know how to find.  The lawyers are very happy to hear from us.  They are glad that we found them and that we consider them to be the right attorney for you.  You are a valuable client because you are a person who recognizes the value of legal services and already paid $99 to get the appointment.  The lawyer knows already that you are not just someone trying to get something for nothing.  Even if the appointment lasts only 30 minutes and the lawyer does not get paid more at that moment, lawyers know it is a good investment to help out a client who may come back for more help.

Although I do not want to let a tail wag a dog and address only naysayers, it is important to respect the opinions of even those who disagree with me.  Of course some folks want to be their own lawyer finders.  Some individuals even act as their own lawyers when a lawyer could save them money, time and hassle.  We all have the right to do our own plumbing work when the house is flooding, too.  It is up to each of us to make the best decisions we can for ourselves.  I can honestly say that using a lawyer finder to connect you with the right lawyer is a wise choice, especially when you are not sure you already know who the right lawyer is for you.  We are ready to help.  Have us find the right lawyer for you.

November 9, 2008

A Certain Kind of Quandary

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I am in a bit of a pickle.  What methods of promotion are ethical to use in promoting Advantage Denton?  For your sake (and for Advantage Denton’s sake), you should be persuaded how important it is to use a professional lawyer finder from Advantage Denton when you seek legal advice.  Helping people and giving them good advice (when they want the advice) is something I am not at all shy about.

I am a bit shy, however, about promoting myself as a person.  This “shyness” comes from two places.  First, it is not impressive to me when someone blows their own horn. I don’t believe them.  I wonder why self promoters are so unsure of themselves that they have to bray about how great they are.  Paying someone else to say you are great is not proof of being great.  I am embarrassed by and for people who promote themselves too much.

The second reason I am shy is that I consider it usually good advice to run from someone who says “trust me.”  Before trusting someone, you should find out about them from researching their background and checking out several different sources of facts about that person, some of which should not be under the complete control of the person you are researching.  For goodness sake, that is exactly what lawyer finders are trained to do and why you should use us to find the right lawyer for you!

When looking for a lawyer, do not rely only on what the lawyer says or gets others to say about them.  If you took time to research me as a lawyer on the internet (I’m not suggesting you actually do it), you would be able to find different sources of information, some of which I have more influence or control over than others.  You could find testimonials from my former clients that are so enthusiastic and beautifully written that I am very touched they responded to my request to write them.  You don’t know that I did not write them myself because the procedure used to input those testimonials does not guarantee that I did not cheat the system.

Having led you into this land of frustration, it is only right for me to give you the solution to this puzzle.  Don’t rely on the individual person, rely on the process.  Advantage Denton’s lawyer finders are reliable and you can trust them because they have no conflict of interest.  Their job is to find the right lawyer for you.  You pay us and only you have our loyalty.  Advantage Denton lawyer finders do not work for lawyers or take their money for sending you to them, even though we love and respect lawyers and think their money is very nice.  (When they hire us to find a lawyer for them, we do work for a lawyer.)

At Advantage Denton, the fact that we work only for the client is a big reason to trust that we really are motivated to find the right lawyer for you.  While we will provide information about those who are pleased with our services, it is important for you to know that we don’t just say “trust us” with a conflict of interest lurking in the background.  Our only goal is to find the right lawyer for you.  Cutting through to the truth of all the other claims out there from and about lawyers is a big part of what Advantage Denton lawyer finders do.

November 3, 2008

Technology Rules, Ignoring It Drools

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Do you think I am being a bit too obvious in my opinion?  While I think that there is a great deal of romantic glory in refusing to learn anything about computers or modern conveniences, dodo birds are also steeped in romantic glory.  I may sound a bit brave, sounding off this way, but I really am quite timid about offending the sensibilities of anyone — including technophobes.  I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  This is a fairly safe place to sound off about this subject because the only people who are likely to know what a blog is or to read such a thing are technophiles, like me.  Unless someone finks me out to the technology haters out there, my radical views are pretty safe here.

Willful ignorance is not a glorious thing.  People are responsible for the consequences of their decisions and informed decisions bring about better outcomes.  Sometimes you inform yourself by doing the research yourself and sometimes you decide to rely on someone else for their expert opinion.  This is where technology comes in.

With Internet research, you can find a great deal of information about most any subject.  No matter how smart a person is, or how much time she has on her hands, no one can be an expert on everything.  Performing a cost/benefit analysis of how much to inform yourself and how much to rely on experts is a good way to decide what to do.  I tend to spend my learning time on things that interest me and I have an aptitude for.  I also want to learn enough about important things I care about so I can communicate with experts I hire to help me with the other stuff.

The skills to be an electrician or to operate a sewer system are not something I can or should teach myself in a crash course.  The time when I urgently need such skills is the last time I should be trying to become an expert in unfamiliar and dangerous territory.  You can get an idea of what the particular expert’s attitude is from the communication you see from them, but do remember that any of us can be fooled.  If you have a good feeling about the expert, always look for some objective evidence of their reliability.  If they have a record of performing services over time without major problems, that helps you know it is more likely safe to trust an expert.*

It is safe for me to sound off about willful ignorance of technology in a place where only the technologically literate are viewing my words.  It is safe for you to rely on an expert lawyer finder from Advantage Denton to help you find the right lawyer because our privacy policy protects your information in every legal way possible.  It is safe to talk with the right lawyer about your legal issues during the free thirty minute interview because the lawyer is on your side, friendly to your wants and needs and bound by confidentiality rules to protect your private information.

It is much smarter to rely on an Advantage Denton lawyer finder to find the right lawyer for you and to rely on the expertise of the right lawyer’s advice rather than remaining willfully ignorant or trying and failing to become an expert in something complex at exactly the wrong time.  Have us find the right lawyer for you.

* While Advantage Denton is a fairly new company because it is a new idea enabled by new technology, Melissa Denton has been a successful attorney, in business representing clients since 1990.

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