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December 21, 2008

Happy Hopeful Holidays

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Today begins Hanukah and we have less than a week before Christmas.  What an intense time of year!  Although my memories of this season during growing up are wonderful, I am very aware that many people have conflicted feelings about the joy and good cheer which are supposed to be surrounding all of us.  This year of 2008, in particular, seems ripe for sadness to try to take hold.

I’ve seen persuasive evidence that making your face smile, regardless of how you feel, can make you feel better.  Taking even baby steps to deal with the things that annoy or frighten you can give you hope.  Some folks may say that it is an illusion that you feel better from doing some little thing about the huge problems of the day.  I say that illusions are very powerful.  No change gets made but by someone taking that first step in a right direction.

Fear and uncertainty abounding in our society today are having powerful effects on the economy.  People are tempted to hide away and do nothing.  Acting as though you have hope and taking an affirmative step or two will also have a powerful effect, if enough people are brave enough to try.  I think that leaders should ask folks to take specific steps to affirm that we have a future we can believe in.

When you need legal advice to figure out a way to cope with some challenge or opportunity (and plenty of opportunities abound these days), it does not make sense to hunker down in a hole and refuse to learn what you need to know to act the smartest way.  Lawyers have a wealth of knowledge and experience that is just waiting for you.

When a client leaves my office from a first interview, they have a huge weight lifted from their shoulders.  They know what their realistic choices are and the cost and consequences of some different choices they can make.  Sometimes they hire me, sometimes they don’t.  They almost always feel better for the knowledge they have gained.  Taking even that baby step of learning about your choices is such a relief and gives hope.

As our Advantage Denton web site indicates, you don’t have to go it alone in finding the right lawyer to get that valuable advice.  We are here to help you.  When a lawyer finder works for you, they seek out the same attorney for you that they would find for their best friend or their sister or uncle who needs a lawyer’s help.

Since lawyer finders at Advantage Denton are the only (and will always be the best) professionals trained and focused on finding right lawyers with only a client’s needs and wishes at the forefront, the lawyer we would find for our relative or friend (the lawyer we will find for you) is the right lawyer, not a lawyer who paid money to have us give them clients.  No other business or entity provides this service and we are proud of our client first orientation.

Take that baby step of having us find the right lawyer and go for the half hour interview we set up for you.  You will be so relieved to know your options and to be taking affirmative action for your future.  We would love to help you get on that path to making things right with the advice of a lawyer.  Give us a call at 877-LAW-CALM.  Make a little effort to smile, no matter how you feel and invest a little effort and money to deal with the legal issues that could cloud over your life if you don’t take action.

December 14, 2008

Walking in a Lawyer’s Shoes

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Some of the time I am more acutely aware of being a lawyer than others.  When another lawyer disgraces him or herself, I cringe.  When a lawyer is commended for some particularly noble deed, sometimes I think “Yeah, that is what we lawyers are”.  The fact that other people know I am a lawyer surely makes a difference in how they deal with me from day to day, but I am only vaguely aware of it most of the time.  Being a blond female of a certain age or appearance also influences interactions.  I suspect that me being a lawyer makes a big difference in how others think of me and thus makes the experience of being in my shoes very different from that of the friendly neighborhood grocery check out clerk or the person who serves up pizza.  Some parts of my life are easier and some are harder.

The easier part of my life probably comes in when mean or aggressive people are deciding who to pick on.  Just as my black belt in karate influences my body language and appearance of not being as vulnerable as some potential victims, being a self assured lawyer makes me a less convenient target.  That sure is a major reason that I take many steps for self-protection.

Knowing about law makes it easier to not be intimidated by the swirl of information that surrounds us all like a cloud of gnats, if we allow our eyes to see it.  Having worked hard and invested a lot in my good reputation in the community makes it easier for me to know that I must avoid taking easy shortcuts in ethical decisions.  Lawyers have a lot to lose and most of us try to keep up to pretty high standards because taking a moral shortcut and risking our reputation is just not worth it.  I guess that some people would see it as a burden to feel like you always should do the right and most morally ethical thing.  To me, it frees me up from being tempted by other alternatives.  Truly, being a lawyer means acting right because you worked very hard to become all that you are.

I would argue that even the billions of dollars stolen by Bernard L. Madoff, a lawyer now in the news for ripping off people horribly, are not worth losing self respect and the regard of the community.  As Mary Poppins said “Enough is as good as a feast.”  I just do not believe that it is ever worth throwing away integrity for more money than you need.

The harder part of life when you are a lawyer comes from heightened expectations.  It is a lot of responsibility to be expected to be perfect at all times.  No one succeeds in being perfect even half of the time (I think).  We are all just doing the best we can and fixing anything imperfect as we go along.  When you care about what you do, it is high pressure to be responsible for clients’ important legal matters and to maintain all of the highest standards.  Balancing all the responsibility and expectations and helping people deal with some of the most stressful parts of their lives can be a challenge.  Fortunately, I tend to be strong and thrive on challenges.  But that does not make it easy or always pleasant.

On balance, it is a very good thing for me to be a lawyer.  It is a little bit of a challenge to imagine yourself in my shoes, but you are invited to do so.  Please be aware that we lawyers are only human, but we are people who have invested a lot to be in a position to help you.  When some lawyer is in the news for doing bad things, remember that it is news because most lawyers are so busy doing good things.  Lawyers have a lot of power and when they go bad, it is very bad (sort of a Darth Vader thing in Star Wars lingo).  The rest of us lawyers are out there doing a lot of good, day in and day out.  When you need a lawyer’s advice, being connected with the right lawyer for your needs and wants is one of the best things ever.  Stumbling into the wrong lawyer for you can be one of the worst things ever.  While no one is perfect, it is surely true that lawyer finders at Advantage Denton are more expert at finding the right lawyer and that the right lawyer can give you advice and representation that can save the day.  We would be happy to find the right lawyer for you.

December 8, 2008

When to have Hope

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It is funny, the things you can grasp at, trying to hope that the hardest times are behind us.  This last weekend, I took the busy stores and full parking lots as a good sign.  On the weekend before, it seemed that even this holiday season was not going to get people optimistic enough to buy presents for each other for Christmas.

When you believe that the worst is still ahead, it is hard to feel hopeful.  The experts and leaders are saying that the worst of our economic woes is still to come.  That makes lots of folks want to hunker down in a hole and pull the dirt in on top of them.  Honesty may be the best policy, but wouldn’t it be nice if our leaders could tell us when that worst will be in the past, rather than telling us that the worst is yet to come?

One way to get control of your own destiny is to seek the expert advice you need to cope with the challenges happening in your own life.  The primal urge to hide should be followed only when hiding from saber tooth tigers or some such.  For may folks who face some challenging opportunity or difficulty in their life, getting a lawyer’s advice can help them make decisions about what to do next.

When you are under the stress of needing an attorney, it is difficult to take on the task of deciding which attorney is right for you.  Advantage Denton takes away that extra layer of stress.  While you have many choices about how to connect with an attorney, no other option includes the reassurance provided by Advantage Denton lawyer finders.

We are the only service that researches which lawyer is right for your needs and what you want.  We are the only service that makes an appointment for you and follows up to see that you were satisfied.  Advantage Denton also saves you money on the overall cost of your first appointment with most attorneys (some types of cases already receive a low or no cost initial consultation, even without a lawyer finder).  For most types of cases and with most lawyers, the $99 you pay to Advantage Denton, which includes a free 30 minute consultation with a lawyer is less expensive than the $125 or so you would pay for an appointment with a lawyer you find for yourself.  Even when the initial consultation with the attorney would have been low or no cost, it is truly worth hiring Advantage Denton to find the right lawyer for you so you don’t waste your time and money hunting for or going to the lawyer who is not right for you.

It is time to have hope when you take affirmative steps to cope with the issues that threaten to overwhelm you.  We clearly have experts formulating and setting into motion a plan to resolve the economic crisis in our greater society.  It is time to have an expert lawyer finder set into motion the finding of answers for the problem or opportunity you need to act on.  Have us find the right lawyer for you.

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