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January 25, 2009

Happy New Year (of the ox)!

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Since this year of 2009 has started out a bit rough, I am going to take the optimistic route of saying that my year is actually starting out with Chinese/Lunar New Year, which starts tomorrow.  This year is the year of the ox, the year that Barack Obama and I were both born in.  If you want to think I am a dozen years younger than him, that is okie dokie with me, but you had better not try to think I am a dozen years older.

They keep saying that things will get worse before they get better, but I choose to believe that I will find some grit and determination that will make parts of life better than they ever were before.  Without this motivation of troubled times and anxiety, would my family have ever started preferring to eat at home so often?  We get a lot of benefits from this new pattern, but when you are not thinking about being careful, carelessness seems so much easier.  Another way to deal with the idea that things will get worse before they get better is to have frequent new beginnings.  Chinese New Year, Jewish New Year (in September) and birthdays and other life event rituals will do to set new beginnings and mark small joys.

It is a big relief for me when I cope with some issue that has been bugging me.  We all have big things that are bothering us about the larger society and things in our own lives.  While no one can fix everything at once, taking those baby steps toward coping is cathartic.  I am using the expert advice I needed to seek to handle computer and tax issues and am so relieved to be doing things right.  Getting the right lawyer is a huge relief for folks who are facing an opportunity (like a client I recently (hopefully) talked out of spending his few resources on a pyramid scheme) or people who have a crisis to cope with.  Our lawyer finders can and will connect you with the right lawyer for your needs and get that huge burden on the track to being manageable.

Best wishes for the happiest of new years and for meeting the challenges life throws your way in creative and productive ways.

January 22, 2009

Hope Abounds, but Can You Eat It?

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Hope is sometimes in short supply when you are in a crisis.  It seems like a luxury that you just don’t have time for and something only a fool would seek.  I would argue that hope is one of the primary things we should pay attention to when the chips are down.  Words are hard to put onto feelings, but feelings are motivation which result in action.

Loss of hope means loss of motivation to make changes for the better.  Maybe sociopaths who don’t comprehend the needs or feelings of other people can be described as folks who fail to participate in our collective hope.  Each of us sometimes fails to open their heart and mind to the needs of others.  When greed or sloth rule the day, destruction or moldering of the common good will take over.  When our hopes center on a common good, great things can happen.  While meeting individual and family basic needs for food and shelter are paramount, making our society better from right choices comes in very high on my priority list.

Isn’t it great to have hope and to value the interests of other people?  Sometimes this is hard to do when you have big challenges or an important opportunity grabbing all of your attention.  When we are consumed with our own pressing issues, the greater good can take a back seat and our perspective on what is right for us and right in the greater world can be lost.  This is a really good time to have a smart outsider (who keeps your secrets) give you advice and perspective about the choices you must make.  We all need this kind of help from time to time.  You can’t eat good intentions or hope, but getting good advice can give you the ability to function better so you can take care of these needs.

My suggestion is that you should seek the advice of the right attorney when you need it and not wait until things are in an even worse crisis status.  Lawyers are smart.  They are educated.  They are most all pretty good folks who will tell you straight out what you need to know.  Finding the right lawyer to give advice about the subject you are concerned about is easy when you hire a lawyer finder from Advantage Denton.  It is also very affordable, since a half hour of advice from the right lawyer costs you only the lawyer finder fee – – which is usually less than what you would have paid for the time with the lawyer.

Best wishes for keeping our collective hopes in the forefront and for finding the answers you need from the right lawyer.

January 11, 2009

Reality Check, Please

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Being an optimist is hard work sometimes, but somebody has to do it.  All indicators are that really lousy stuff is still going on with our economy.  I suppose that a true optimist would find the fun and inspirational part of that fact and run somewhere with it.  Far away from me, preferably.

I prefer to be the type of optimist who accepts reality and then works hard to turn bad things into good things.  My work as a divorce lawyer since 1990 has taught me that a phoenix often does rise out of the ashes.  My clients have gone through the breakup of their marriage or relationship or have the problem of litigating over parenting or money issues regarding their children.  It has been a privilege to help them through these hardest of times in a way that minimized the pain and costs as much as possible.  The only way to minimize pain and cost is to deal with the realities and take the steps needed to deal with the situation.

The greater economic crisis in our country is effecting every one of us, directly in our own decisions and by impacting people we know and are close to.  Deciding to deal with problems and taking the steps needed to get them dealt with is the greatest relief you can get.  Once you get your reality check from meeting with a lawyer about your options, action towards solutions can begin.  I encourage folks to ask for that reality check and not to hide their heads in the sand or put off dealing with tough issues.

We are here to help you with one of the biggest stumbling steps on the road to fixing things.  Finding the right lawyer for you will take away one of those obstacles that can seem insurmountable when you feel overwhelmed.  Our lawyer finders would love to help you by setting an appointment with the right lawyer to give you the advice you need.  This is no time to cast about in the dark and find a lawyer by accident.  If you know a lawyer or other really knowledgeable person who can send you to exactly the right lawyer for you — don’t use our service, go to that lawyer.  If you need an attorney and the lawyers and others in your life are not appropriate to guide you or they don’t know about who is the right lawyer in another location or area of law, then come to Advantage Denton’s “Have us Find the Right Lawyer for Your” or call us at 877-LAW-CALM.

January 5, 2009

Adding Fun to Lawyer Finding

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This post is quite different from my usual serious topics.  We do know how to have fun at Advantage Denton and I would like to introduce you to a story about the cow behind our logo. Kids, lawyers, and other grownups enjoy Destiny and I hope you do too:

Advantage Denton presents: ~~~ Destiny, Secret Agent Cow of Action.

Destiny, currently disguised as a mild mannered calm cow, is ready to throw off her cloak of inaction. As you know, Destiny‘s real identity is secret agent attorney finder. Righting wrongs and besting bad guys is what she really does when not looking like a mere simple cow. Destiny‘s dangerous and mind crunching work gives her the challenge she craves.

As we encounter our intrepid heroine, she is transforming into quite a sight in her brilliant blue tights and cape. Using her superpowers of deduction, Destiny leaps into action, bounding onto the scene where Grannypants is just about to blow up Evilslime’s guts with her super action bazooka shotgun. Grannypants is furious because Evilslime used his motorcycle to run over Granypants’s very biggest little pinky toe. Blessedly, Destiny boulders into the nose of the shotgun just in time to deflect the blast into a nearby hillock of Grannypants’s land. Up comes bubbling crude. Oil that is.

Destiny now begins to really shine. She quickly finds lawyers for Evilslime’s lawsuit against Grannypants due to emotional trauma and for sale of movie rights on his memoir about the dark deeds of that day. Destiny finds a great criminal law attorney to minimize Evilslime’s time in the slammer for running over Grannypants’s toe with his hog. Motorcycle that is.

Quickly, with deft application of superpowers, Destiny finds lawyers to help Grannypants protect the millions of dollars from her new oil field and to skip out on jail time for unauthorized discharge of a super action bazooka shotgun inside city limits. Grannypants gets even richer when Destiny finds her a lawyer to sue the evil cabal of doctors who accidentally cut off her very biggest little pinky toe, pickling it and putting it in the Elvis shrine.

Destiny has once again saved civilization. Who knew that finding the right lawyer takes such derring-do and spunk? Only Destiny really knows…

January 1, 2009

Irritation in Making a Happy New Year

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Today is New Year’s Day, 2009.  I believe that it is a very good tradition to try to bring in the new year with joy and celebration and high hopes for success.  For a number of reasons, this is hard for a lot of people to do this year.  We hear many dire warnings in the press and from politicians about how awful this year will be and that we will be lucky if it is only this year that is bad.  Not terribly cheering.  Despite this, it really is a good idea to make efforts to adjust our attitudes every year and every day to hope for the best and to make the best of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

In my business as a lawyer and in the business of lawyer finding, various experts need to be consulted or hired to take care of parts of the business that are not my area of expertise.  This is irritating.  When we have such an emphasis in our communal life about saving money, don’t spend money, do it yourself, work hard to get or do it for free – how can I be happy about hiring a computer expert or an accounting expert to do work that I might be able to do myself if I just take enough time to teach myself how?

It came to me that this is very probably how most folks feel about hiring an attorney.  It is annoying that I need the expert and frustrating that it takes effort to find the right expert to make sure I don’t waste money by getting the wrong person for the job.  If I figure out how to do it for myself, I get to avoid the hassle of finding the person to hire and the expense of paying them and the fear that I might get the wrong person in the first place.

I recently went through the experience of hiring a professional who I should have been able to trust and later found that they made a big mistake while I was not watching closely enough.  The method we used to find this person seemed good enough at the time.  Turns out, if was not a good method because the person seems to not be taking responsibility for their error.  Can’t tell you how many clients have told me tales of woe about having worked with the wrong lawyer before they found me and how relieved they are now.

An expert lawyer finder who is looking out only for your interests is the best way to avoid the irritation and risk of having to find the lawyer yourself.  Other ways to choose a lawyer, like the “cheap” and “free” methods that sell you to the lawyer who pays most for advertising, are not nearly as good for you.  It turns out that using a lawyer finder to help you get advice from the right lawyer is less expensive than finding the lawyer yourself for most kinds of lawyers, because they would have charged you more than the $99 we charge to set up the free interview we schedule for you.  Even if you can find a way to meet with a lawyer for less than $99, it is well worth the $99 to have the lawyer finder make sure you are meeting the right lawyer rather than just the attorney who paid the most dollars for advertising.

Maybe, like me, you are skittish about hiring the expert assistance you really need because you might be able to do the work yourself.  In this case, doing the work of finding the lawyer yourself actually costs you more than having the expert help.  Putting off getting the help (like I sometimes do) is a mistake, too.  You should go ahead and get the relief of a lawyer finder’s help to set your appointment with the right lawyer and you should get that advice from the lawyer about what your next steps should be for the problem or opportunity that you need legal advice about.  Hiding your head like an ostrich is not a good answer and teaching yourself to do lawyer searching or to be your own lawyer is a big waste of your time and energy.

I guess that we can cheer ourselves up by taking each baby step needed to handle our lives.  When we think too much about all of the negatives being thrown around about our economy, it feels overwhelming.  What helps is to break down the challenges we face into manageable pieces and make progress.  Celebrate each step of progress and then move on to the next task.  It is a very big relief, I can tell you from experience, to get the help you need.  I will try to be a good example if you will.  Let’s move forward into this year and make it better than any of the predictions.

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