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February 22, 2009

Using your Strengths

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Making the most of what you have is an obviously smart thing to do, so why don’t we always do it?  I think that much of the time we don’t take the time and thought to stop and evaluate what we have to work with.  It is so easy to stay in the same rut, running on automatic.  When a crisis happens, it is too easy to just try to cope with the same limited set of options you always automatically think of.  Many of us let little or big parts of us lie unused for long periods of time.  We have strengths that we are not bothering to develop or to use when we most need them.

Strange as it is, looking at crisis as an opportunity to bust out of old ruts is a good idea.  The awful financial crunch that is banging so many upside the head right now is a chance to get rid of bad habits.  Maybe we really like our bad habits and wish we could just go back to sleep in our ruts, but a crisis makes the old ways a path to failure.  A friend of mine is determined that she will lose weight.  She adopted some wise advice: it is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change.

Financially, most of us have been treating this economic horror as a diet – something temporary.  We expect that we will snap right back to the old ways as soon as this hardship is gone.  I would like to suggest that we probably all could make some lifestyle changes for good.  That means for good of ourselves and for good permanent.  Even if you were making all decisions perfectly and leading an economically virtuous life before, some change can shake you awake to new opportunities.  Most of us can make better decisions about the everyday way we carelessly impact the environment or about how we waste resources.

The changes you make to impact the environment in a less unfriendly way as you save some money not buying something wasteful should become permanent new habits.  If you are saving money in a way that is uncomfortable for you, evaluate what the bigger picture is and make a decision about whether this is a temporary change or one you will adopt for the long run.  We are all in this together and our cumulative decisions have a huge impact on all of us.

One thing that looks like it will save you money is to try to do everything you can for yourself.  In case you don’t already know this, sometimes that is an expensive and foolish way to try to save money.  Doing something right in the first place with expert help is much less expensive than paying for expensive repair or irretrievable damage.  Having a lawyer help you with legal matters is a very good idea.  Having an expert lawyer finder make sure you connect to the right lawyer and save you money on the interview is also a good idea.  Making those “lifestyle changes” should include not making yourself do things that are not your strengths and handling issues properly so they don’t fester or cause you worse problems down the line.

Best wishes taking the hardship of financial challenges and turning it into an opportunity to develop your strengths, get rid of bad habits and take care of issues properly so that you don’t have to worry yourself silly.  Get that information you need and then make the best decision so you handle hardship gracefully.

February 16, 2009

Get Over all that Lovey-Dovey Stuff

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We just had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  Get over it.  Time to buck up and look at the cold, hard realities of getting down to business.  Put away those emotions.  Don’t think about who you love or why you love them.  Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain (a la’ Wizard of Oz) or to your motivation for everything you do.

Fortunately, I think that you are likely to ignore this advice.  In fact, I would like for you to ignore this advice so vigorously that you pay more attention than ever to why you do what you do.  When we look carefully at our motivations, as a loving holiday like Valentine’s should inspire us to do, we have a chance of seeing the influences which color our perception and motivate most of our actions.

In fact, it is best if you both take this advice and disobey it at the same time.  The school of feelgoodwhatever will tell you to go with your “instincts” and “just do it”.  The school of hard knocks might seem to tell you to not make emotional decisions and just consider the “evidence”.  Although it is not instinctive at first, I believe it is best to train yourself to be aware of how you feel about a decision you need to make and figure out (as best you can) why you feel that way.  Taking this extra step before making a decision means knowing yourself and your own motivations better and means that you make better choices because you pay attention to instincts that may be right (even if someone is good at trying to persuade you otherwise) and because you can become aware of and overrule prejudices you have that can prevent best choices.

Sometimes, it is a really good idea to have someone else help you with this process.  Life can be just too stressful or we can benefit from training in how to think (and even feel) most effectively.  For longer term adjustment of thinking, a mental health professional can help adjust thinking processes to a more healthy pattern.

For a crisis or major opportunity where decisions really matter, the right lawyer helps you see  both the forest and the trees.  With specialized knowledge, lawyers tell you where in that forest both injury and salvation hide.  Lawyers tell you things that you just can not find out about on your own.  A good lawyer is also always seeking to understand both what the client says they want and what the underlying reasons are.

To get connected with that good lawyer, please be wise and use Advantage Denton’s lawyer finders.  Since we are experts at finding the right lawyer, seeking out what you want and what you need, it makes perfect sense to  have us save money on the overall cost of your first interview with the right lawyer.  It does not make sense to take needless chances on perhaps stumbling onto the wrong lawyer.   Have us find the right lawyer for you.

February 7, 2009

Destiny, Secret Agent Cow of Action

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On this fine spring day, Destiny is undercover as a calm cud chewing cow in a pasture near here. She seems placid enough, but underneath is a boiling cauldron of intellectual foment. Fortunately for the hapless, Destiny is ready to be on the job as a secret agent lawyer finder.

Suddenly, a scream rends the air. Destiny is already in the process of donning her spangled blue tights and cape as she rushes to the scene of a true disaster. Bigmeatman has again swung the huge ax at Boatsloafer, missing him but bashing into his luxury charter boat just below the water line. Destiny’s front hooves land just right on the handle of the ax and an ax it is no more. As the ugly story unfolds, it becomes clear that Destiny has arrived just in time.

Destiny’s lawyer finding super powers again save the day. She helps Bigmeatman find a lawyer to sue Boatsloafer who sold a very expensive big game hunting expedition to Bigmeatman but provided only boat transportation. When Bigmeatman learned that pointy faced fish were the only game available, rather than lions or deer, violence ensued. The boat sank.

Boatsloafer’s insurance company took it in the shorts when Bigmeatman’s lawsuit hit. Boatsloafer, however was extraordinarily lucky that Destiny was on hoof to help him when he needed lawyers to secure his claim to the gold bullion shipwreck he found while crying over the carcass of his sunken boat. Boatsloafer’s time in the hoosegow for attacking protected species pointy face fish was minimal after Destiny found him just the right criminal law attorney.

Destiny has once again saved civilization. Who knew that finding the right lawyer takes such derring-do and spunk? Only Destiny really knows…

stay tuned for our continuing saga of Destiny’s adventures!

February 1, 2009

Turning Discouragement into Encouragement

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When we are feeling strong, it is easier to focus on how to turn bad things into good things.  When challenges abound and others around you are actively discouraging you, this can be a time to see what you are made of.  It is always a choice that you make, how you react or do not react to things that happen.  Most of the time, on autopilot, we see events through the lens of our expectations.  It is pretty easy to make mistakes about out own motivation or the motivations of others when that lens is clouded by emotion and hard times.

When those chips are down and others are using their energy to discourage you, it is time to get help from someone who has no personal interest in the choices you make.  It is really helpful to have a lawyer give you suggestions from their vast experience of helping to resolve issues like those you are faced with.  Sometimes it is a good idea to get backup that you are not crazy and sometimes it is good to get confirmation that your idea is crazy and that you really should move on.  An honest opinion from a lawyer who is trained in the subject you are confronting can save you many kinds of grief.

Quite a number of folks who come for a legal consultation with me are worrying their heads off about stuff that does not matter and sometimes they are not worrying about things they really should pay attention to.  Just having that information empowers them greatly.  A big weight comes off of their shoulders and they are able to formulate a plan about what is next.  Getting that right lawyer to meet with and getting a discount on that first interview is vital to moving forward even when things are most difficult for you.

We are standing ready to help you get that relief.  Worrying about the legal issue you are facing is plenty of work.  Worrying about how to pick out the right lawyer to help you is something we can remove the stress from.  Lawyer finders are trained in finding the right lawyer.  They have the ability to access information and evaluate it effectively to find the right lawyer for you.  Give us a call or click on Have us find the right lawyer for you and get started turning bad things into good things right now.

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