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August 19, 2009

Why be a Lawyer? – one good answer

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“Melissa, I can’t thanks enough to you for what you had helping me.  You make me have a hopefull, and I can count myself as a person who live in America.  Thank you very much.”
This is what being a lawyer is all about. It is an email I received a few minutes ago from a client who has seen the world and experienced real hardship. It is a privilege, blessing and honor to help people by doing my job well. Being appreciated is such a bonus. It seems right to share this joy with others and remind us of what/who really matters in law, the people whose lives are impacted directly by our work.

August 14, 2009

WHY do people hurt themselves in writing?

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The advice to be careful what you say in writing  is so fundamentally sound, how on Earth is it that so many people ignore this wisdom? Here are some reasons that I can think of:

1.  Some people just don’t think before they speak or before they write. They just blurt out whatever comes into their mind in whatever form it comes to them and they don’t see any reason to go back and edit before sending that writing out into the world so that they can be evaluated by what they wrote.

2. Many times, people say or write something that others think is perfectly awful and inappropriate and the writer is saying “What?… What?…” People live within their own perspective and frequently have little to no understanding of how others will perceive what they are communicating. You could call this honesty or you could call it foolishness and insensitivity.

3. Some folks take pleasure in getting others riled up. The man I am furious at for holding the huge picture of an aborted fetus on the street corner where I passed taking my little boy to his camp this morning is likely that way. Fortunately, I saw the problem ahead of time and managed to distract my boy before he saw it, but that picture would have given him nightmares. This man knows that he is hurting other people and he chooses to continue. His political or other justifications are meaningless and lost because of his evil method of communicating.

4. I am guessing that some people are self-destructive. They know that placing negative information about themselves on the Internet or in a writing can be used against them. Perhaps they get some thrill from risking it or they derive satisfaction from sinking their own boats?

What do you think? Are there other reasons that you can think of why people write things and even publish them when those writings will likely make them look bad? You are most welcome to comment on this blog. This is a puzzling conundrum, don’t you think?

August 2, 2009

Destiny, Secret Agent Cow of Action

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Destiny’s calm cow chewing cud cover is almost blown when Utah Jack, a sneaky reporter is looking her way. Destiny is called to spring into action by a heart rending thud, two counties over. Fortunately, Utah Jack’s hat is blown off at the crucial moment (divine intervention?) and when he again peers Destiny’s way, she has already donned her spangled tights and flowing cape and galloped to the rescue.

Yes, the thud was serious. Mabel BassEater and Chevry Tellecompter have finally reached the boiling point in their relationship. While true and everlasting love brought them together, it seems that unseemly fights over money and kids will rend them apart. Billowing from Mabel’s skirts, even as Destiny arrives, is the smoke from the flame thrower she has decided to use upon her dearly beloved. Stashed in the skirt after it backfired, the device of evil is starting a smolder that will soon become a conflagration. Except it doesn’t. Thanks to Destiny’s quick thinking and the remainder of that undercover cud in Destiny’s mouth, the spew saved the skirt. At least it saved the wearer of the skirt.

Stunned by the near disaster, Mabel and Chevry are shaking and crying together. Suddenly, Mabel does not think it a good idea to fry Chevry up and he realizes that she has been right about the money and the kids. True love is once again allowed to blossom. Now, I hear you thinking that Destiny’s work is done. No, No, No.

Even though Destiny’s presumed destiny as a divorce lawyer finder is not to be, she is still vital to the future of this beloved family as she tracks down the right lawyer to sue the flamethrower manufacturer for the backfiring demon of a contraption which failed at that crucial moment. The marriage counselor who enticed Chevry to ditch his wife and run off into a new and passionate relationship of “counselor love” also has a thing or two to learn as soon as Destiny finds the right lawyer. Finally, the seller of the flame prone and not stain resistant skirt will have to retool the misleading sales brochure which enticed Mabel to use the skirt unsuitably in the first place. Destiny finds this lawyer lickety split.

Destiny then moves out from cover behind some trees and Utah Jack, intrepid reporter, is none the wiser as Destiny utters a calm moo.

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