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April 20, 2010


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Melissa DentonI am sure that you have noticed the large number of earthquakes occurring lately. These have been horrific events with terrible consequences for the folks affected. Are we going to get burned out with all of the news of disasters so that we don’t even help each other out anymore? I hope not.

With predictions (hopefully completely wrong) of a worse than usual hurricane season and oddities in weather, earth movements and volcanoes, we humans are sure being put in our place. What is our place? Should we be contemplating all of these things happening and trying to formulate a reason why or a generally appropriate reaction?

The global warming crisis is one way people are finding an explanation for weather extremes. Folks are coming up with some types of actions we can take to hopefully have an effect on our planet (in good ways rather than more damage and pollution).

Some people are turning to religious explanations, as they have since the dawn of humanity, when they can not control or understand nature. Fortunately, a lot of smart people are working proactively to be prepared for when the next crisis impacts our area – but a small portion of the world has and uses resources this way.

Most of us go through our daily life just trying to keep up and trying to cope with what we already have on our plates. It is a burden to add on disaster planning as a task and resource demand when life contains precious little leisure and comfort. It is much easier not to worry about big disasters when we are avoiding so many little ones every day.

I suggest that the “preventative law” “preventative medicine” and other preventative planning should be even higher in priority than usual when we have so much evidence of the earth’s unrest. We are here to help you with taking care of business on the legal front. Be sure to call on Advantage Denton to help you find the right lawyer to handle those legal issues that will be an even bigger mess if you leave them untended. As for all the other disaster planning, I am going to write lists and take action.


April 12, 2010

Las Vegas, baby

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Melissa DentonI just returned from the culture shock that is Las Vegas. This was our first time to visit that place and perhaps our last, though it was really interesting. Right before Las Vegas, we took a few days to visit Zion National Park and a lovely smaller state park called Snow Canyon in St. George, Utah.

The canyons and physical structures of nature were huge and awe inspiring. The casinos and physical structures in Las Vegas were huge and awe inspiring. Nature was majestic; casinos were less so. The air quality was sure better in nature. Since I don’t smoke, drink, gamble, stay up late, or participate in some of the other adventures available in Las Vegas, one could say it was wasted on me. I did like seeing the spectacles once as an education. My 10 year old boy also seemed to get an education, but it will be interesting to see what kind of education over the long run.

One thing I noticed in Las Vegas was the billboards advertising legal services. Several of them offered to go to traffic court for you or to help you if you had been in an accident. I have not researched those lawyers (if lawyers were really involved, since none were apparent). I am guessing that calling a number off of a billboard is one of the worst ways you could find an attorney.

If an attorney is good at what they do, they do not need to advertise on billboards. If they care about their professional reputation, they are unlikely to associate themselves with billboard advertising. If they don’t care about their reputation, why would they care about the needs of clients? It would be interesting to see a researched book or news article about the folks who put up the biggest and tackiest ads and the quality of work that they do.

Maybe my perception is wrong that they would not care about client needs and wants. I doubt it, though. Such lawyers have to funnel a really large number of cases or some really big dollar cases through just to pay for the ad. When you run a high volume mill, it seems to me that it is harder to provide personalized quality work for individual client needs.

If you need a lawyer, you would be much wiser to use a lawyer finder from Advantage Denton than you would be to hire a lawyer because they paid for a billboard or the biggest advertisement. Advantage Denton saves you money up front by getting that first half hour interview with the lawyer for free and we save you far more from anguish and overspending when we get the right lawyer for you.

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