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May 24, 2010

Face to Face Advice is Best

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Melissa DentonRecently, on Twitter, I saw a comment from a person in the field of psychology about whether therapy can be accomplished over the telephone. The implication was that such a thing might well be impossible.

In my work as a lawyer, I have had quite a few clients who lived far away and with whom I interacted only by phone and email. While we lawyers are called “Counselors at Law,” I don’t think that our work is impossible when we can’t meet face to face. It is harder, though.

As you are probably aware, the majority of communication is not the words we choose to say.  Quite often, a client will ask a question in an email that really can’t be answered without a phone or in person discussion to find out what it is they really want to know and to get enough facts to give a good answer.  Many times you need to think out loud together.

Communicating by telephone  is much better than just using written words. An in-person meeting to start off the relationship is most always very desirable if it is possible. On the telephone, at least you can hear the timbre of a voice, the hesitations, and the words stumbled over.  In person, you add even better perception of these things and extremely valuable body language for more effective communication.

When Advantage Denton lawyer finders seek out the right lawyer for you, this is one of the issues they most assuredly take into consideration. If it is possible for you to meet in person with the lawyer, we try to set that up because you get more valuable communication from it. We evaluate which lawyer is right for you from a lot of pieces of information, often including talking with the lawyer on the phone. Your free meeting with that lawyer should get you valuable advice and assurance that the lawyer will be the right person to help you. When you are deciding to get legal advice, I highly recommend that you make the effort to attend a personal interview. You will be glad you did.

May 6, 2010

Is Everyone Angry?

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Melissa DentonAre you angry? It seems that the press is consistently telling us that everyone is angry right now. All of us are going to vote in an angry way against someone. We all are fearful, angry and ready to blame someone.

Perhaps this is true, but I suspect it is not. A lot of folks are too busy or too apathetic to focus on anger. That is why the few angry people who shout about it get so much attention. The people who are working hard to build something don’t seem so interesting to the press. Since the days of the saber toothed tiger, humans have paid attention to the noisy and dangerous more than to the placid or toiling. It may be natural to pay attention to angry people, but it is not productive.

Just as the constant alerts after 9/11 made us anxious and not any safer, the frequent references to tea party anger and to elections where people must have been very angry get very tiresome. While it is true that a lot of people are very stressed from our economic downturn, I don’t believe that most of us are scavenging around for someone to be angry at or blame. Many people are making the best of difficult circumstances and finding the good things they can make out of the bad parts.

The people who are so angry and the folks who insist on shoving those few immature actors into our faces need to learn a lesson in civility. Tough times call for improving your game, not wallowing in the mud. Finding systemic ways to prevent future abuses is far more productive than vilifying the people who made messes. Thoughtful discussion of how to make things better and showing compassion, even towards those who make mistakes, is a better path to follow. Focus on punishment is wasteful but prevention of further bad acts is very desirable.

In my humble opinion.

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