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December 16, 2010


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P1010448When I started writing this blog, things were pretty bleak in our country. Late 2008 was a tough and scary time for all of us. Unlike the crystallized horror of 9/11, the avalanche of financial misery just kept on and on, burying all of us. Lately, we have heard stories of general recovery beginning, but it is hard to believe that things are really getting much better for us as a country and world.

The awful financial troubles of so many often started with specific events that can be remembered with clear anguish. Even more stressful is when your financial world is upside down and you can’t pinpoint the cause. You feel out of control. If you don’t know what you can do differently or don’t feel you have any choices, how can you be safe? Maybe misery does love company and knowing that you are not the only one with hardship makes it feel a bit less personal, but fear of poverty is very painful for many people I know.

When you have a specific problem (like a job loss) it is tough, but possible, to decide what you need to do about it. When you feel like the “world’s gone to hell in a hand basket” it is much harder to get traction on a plan to make things better.

I remember being so frustrated after 9/11 that our president’s only suggestion for action we could take to help was to “go shopping.”

Right now, I hope that our state and national leaders will ask us to act in specific ways to help make the situation better where it will really count. This is a time when great leadership can make a huge difference. We need to all pull together to get out of this mess and avoid being thrown back into it again. Leaders can set out a plan and give a clarion call to action.

If they tell me to “go shopping”, though, I will scream.

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