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March 31, 2011

The Available Light is Off

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This post is a follow up to the last article I wrote about Bum Magnets. Although I have been working with the concept of some folks being “Bum Magnets” for quite a while, this is a new, somehow derivative, concept.

I figured this out when I had a consultation with a woman who had experienced two consecutive relationships with men who turned out to be – how to put this gently – perverts. Since she had children with the first husband and the second one molested a different child shortly after they married, she was in serious need of lawyer services and advice.

Her situation made me think about my own life experience and about the other cases I have encountered when normal sensible women end up in relationships with men who are sexual deviants. It also brought to mind the men who are pursued by women, even when the men are behaving themselves in accord with the norms of a monogamous committed relationship with another woman.

My own experience is that I have been in a committed relationship with my husband since we were undergraduates in college. I do not look for other men to have any relationship with me beyond family, friend, or colleague. My “available light” is definitely in the off position and everyone is easily able to tell it. Men who convey to me that they are sexually interested in me despite that clear signal are very rare. I can only recall two or three of them in all of these years.

I was quite aware of these fellows who were interested in me and I did not cooperate in any way. Not only was I not interested in them, but I would never hurt my husband by being unfaithful. Regardless of that, it turned out that my work as a family law attorney brought me into contact with information about both of the men I am thinking of which proved them to be flaming sexual deviants. Such people do end up in court, you know.

This brings me back to my client who told me that she definitely was not even looking for a relationship when she met her second husband. She was completely wrapped up in her kids, her demanding work and fending off the dangerous ex who is out of the country. Now that I think about it and connect the concepts, I think that is why she ended up with an undesirable mate.

If you don’t have the “available light” on and someone comes on to you anyway, I think you should be extremely careful about that person. Have an extensive background check done before letting them into your life. My client had researched the second husband’s background, but there was nothing to be found to indicate he was a child molester. Not her fault.

If you want a relationship, turn on the available light and the proper sorts of people will be attracted to you. If you are not in the market for a relationship, keep the light off and be extremely suspicious of anyone who pursues you. If you choose to fall for the advances of a person who pursues you under these circumstances, beware their inappropriate boundaries and the negative consequences that will follow. Predators stalk the unwary and your guard is down when you are not even in the game.

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