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May 5, 2008

About Melissa Denton

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Melissa Denton is the owner and operator of Advantage Denton.  She hires, supervises and trains the Lawyer Finders who do such a great job of finding the Right Lawyer for you.

Melissa has been an attorney since 1989 and has been in private practice, representing clients, since 1990.  She knows from experience how law firms work and how lawyers think.  This helps a lot in assisting clients to connect with the Right Lawyer.  For all of these years, Melissa has constantly come across clients (and friends and neighbors, etc.) who needed a lawyer she couldn’t help.  They needed a lawyer who practiced a different type of law or worked in a different geographic area.  It was frustrating not to have a good referral for each person who asked.  Sending folks out to look at the phone book or internet sites is not helpful enough, but spending attorney time to find lawyers (instead of doing attorney work) was not a reasonable solution, since this was unpaid work.

Melissa has also been contacted by many companies wanting her to sign up and pay to have clients referred to her firm.  Since Melissa Denton is a very good attorney with a long history of helping people very well, most of her business comes from repeat clients and personal referrals.  She does not need to buy clients from businesses who send clients only to the list of attorneys who pay to be listed.  Those companies, or the companies who would send Melissa clients only if she agreed to be paid a lot less for her work, just did not sound attractive to her.

The notion, however, of getting referrals from a company which does not ask the lawyer for money and does not ask the lawyer to take reduced fees over time, is great.  If offered such a thing in the past, Melissa would have jumped on it like a duck on a june bug (quickly).

Lawyers are very generous people and good business people.  With no other committment than to do a good job for clients and provide a 30 minute free interview, a lawyer is happy to meet with a client who has been pre-screened and sent to them because they are the right lawyer for that client’s needs.  If the client uses the lawyer’s services further, that is a good thing.  If the client does not immediately hire the lawyer for further work, the investment in good will and the potential for future work or referrals is well worth the 30 minutes of the attorney’s time.

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  1. I saw your ad on Craigslist and decided to research Advantage Denton. I think you have a great service started. I have been in the position of needing a lawyer and not knowing the first step to take to find the right one. So I pick up a phone book and call and call and call, sometimes to get return phone calls (that end up going nowhere) and other times to never be responded to. When you are in this position it becomes even more stressful, adding to the reason why you needed a lawyer in the first place.

    I think everyone could gain something from Advantage Denton. Even if just a peace of mind that you are headed down the right road in the endless search of law professionals.

    Comment by Elizabeth M — September 8, 2008 @ 1:02 pm

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