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January 18, 2011

My Favorite iPad Apps

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Melissa DentonAn acquaintance just got her much desired iPad and remembered that I am very enthusiastic about my iPad. She wrote an email to me asking which apps she should consider. Well, it is “off topic” for my lawyer finding mission in life, but I do use the iPad considerably in my business life, so I decided to share my recommendations to her with you here. This is what I wrote:
I am so glad for you that you got your iPad! You will be amazed at the many ways you will use it. I will list some of the apps I use. Let me know if you want to know the apps my 10 year old uses as his games – he passionately loves the iPad. Thank heavens he has to divide his little screen time between seven devices and that everyone understands that I have first dibs on the iPad.

The apps I use most are the books, twitter (twitterific is my favorite on any device) and facebook (friendly), along with the built in email and calendar apps.
books: Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Stanza, Google books
productivity: omnifocus ($40!) and Evernote
writing: (actually use) writer, soundnote, (also have) notes, paperdesk, idraft, dictation (dragon naturally speaking)
computer sync: sugarsync, dropbox, logmein
games: angry birds, iphone version of scrabble, wtd, fruit ninja (minimal time with any of ’em, though)
pictures/learning: color splash, photo wall, VanGogh hd, pixyme, artstudio, glowing art/ eyewitness, life, discover, weatherbug, this day (worldbook history)
news: npr, usa today, cnn, “NYT most emailed” I use a lot but it is just a web site icon I pasted on my screen from the web site, I have nyt but don’t use it
shopping: ebay, craigsphone, pricegrabber
movies: netflix, youtube
“ain’t the iPad incredible” apps: uzu, art of glow, kaleidoscope, the elements, gray anatomy, jampad, grogknots, ocarina

I have only scratched the surface of what is out there, but these are a lot of good, mostly free, apps. If I did not use the computer all day at work and some of the time doing chores at home and did not have the most awesome new android Nexus S phone, I might even have more time for iPad. I use the most time on Twitterific and email and reading books. Enjoy!


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