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October 28, 2011

Finding a Lawyer is Scary

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Melissa Denton

Melissa Denton

Halloween is not scary.  I’ll tell you what is really scary. Finding a lawyer. That is scary. For one thing, many people have noticed that all of us attorneys have dripping fangs and are really mean. Another factor in making us scary is that we can sue the pants off of just about anybody. We lawyers often have awful  “bedside manner”. What lawyers do is powerful, mysterious, and invisible to the normal human.  When you have one of these scary shamans doing work on your behalf, it is quite likely that you won’t want to (or be able to) understand everything they are doing for you. You have to trust them.

Here’s the news, you don’t have to venture into that dark forest of lawyer finding by yourself. The service we provide at Advantage Denton is a “head hunter” (sounds scary, right?) for the little guy. We help you by figuring out what kind of lawyer you need and then researching and finding the right lawyer for you.

“Right lawyer” includes consideration of :

  1. where the lawyer’s office should be located
  2. the areas of practice that the attorney practices in and what emphasis they place on the area of law that you need help with
  3. the level of experience of the lawyer that we believe is appropriate for the type of problem you have
  4. a check to make sure that the lawyer does not have ethical violations – it would be rare for us to get a lawyer for you who has had ethical sanctions & never without telling you fully
  5. determination of what size law firm is best going to meet your needs
  6. a review of the attorney’s advertising and other online written materials to assess their personality and focus to see if they are a good fit for you
  7. we call the right lawyer to tell them about your case and set an appointment for them to meet with you for a free 30 minute consultation

As you can see, this looks like a lot of work from a very highly qualified person for only $99. When you also consider that you are receiving a free 30 minute consultation, it seems almost scary – too good to be true. Well, this one time it works out that this is a great deal for everyone, you, the lawyer and the lawyer finder. We are very efficient at our job because we really know what we are doing. It is a very fun job, kind of like working with the birthing babies part of working in a hospital. You get connected to the right lawyer and get the right advice and help for the legal issue you face. The lawyer invests 30 minutes meeting with a client chosen for them who knows the value of legal services and already put up $99 to find the right lawyer.

Win Win Win. Now that is not so scary, is it?

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