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January 12, 2011

New Year, New Hope

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Melissa DentonThe mere calendar event of changing years motivates a lot of people to resolve to have more self control. Since the vast majority of New Year’s resolutions fail, I prefer to use January as a time for more reflection and, this year, as a time to nurture hope.

We’ve been through some awfully tough times together lately. Some have been more fortunate than others but most of us have genuinely felt the pain, if only that of those around us. Crisis shows what we are made of and sometimes the picture that emerges shows which leaders you want in front of you when survival is at stake. Those who tear down, divide, take cheap shots and are insincere should be shunned as leaders. They may be only making mistakes that anyone could fall into, but risking your all on their judgment is not at all wise.

Finding the silver lining in clouds of despair is a habit of mine. It is such a useful thing to do to look at how to change a bad thing into a good thing. As a lawyer and as a lawyer finder in chief, I sincerely believe in finding the right leaders and the right lawyers. At a difficult time this right choice is a chance to creatively construct the best possible outcome from the most dismal looking circumstance. The right leadership and the right lawyer at the right time can make all the difference. Have us find the right lawyer for you.

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